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Professional Kitchen Designs

Professional kitchen designs incorporate a layout and look to suite the taste of the individual, while taking advantage of the available space. Elegant textures, finishes and lighting all combine to produce an environment that is eye-catching yet functional. With a range of fine finishes and accessories, your new or refurbished kitchen could be the ‘Kitchen Of Your Dreams‘…

We take ‘designing the heart of the home‘ very seriously…

Custom Designed and Installed Kitchen Cupboards

Today’s modern kitchen is the focus point in many homes and needs to play a multi-functional role. Taking modern design ideas, space and budget into consideration, the modern kitchen design should be practical, visually appealing and comfortable, meeting it’s intended purpose and providing a social space for the entire family.

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Designing Kitchens to suite YOUR Style…

A kitchens is designed and styled to suite the individual tastes and practical functionality required of the home owner(s). There are several ‘styles’ to choose from, often determined by the overall style and location of the home in which it resides.

Some styles include:

  • Farmhouse kitchens – Open shelving, big appliances & wooden floors
  • Rustic Kitchens – Raw timber & natural stone with vintage appeal
  • Modern Kitchens – Sleek with clean lines and glossy finishes
  • Traditional Kitchens – A mix of styles to suite modern day living
  • Contemporary Kitchens – Elegant clean lines incorporating other styles
  • Craftsman kitchens – A modern Victorian style with rich natural wood
  • Cottage kitchens – Soft colours, natural light softened with fabrics (curtains etc)
  • Classic kitchens – Usually white or Cream with Contrasting Counters
  • Mediterranean kitchens – Think Spanish or Italian colours
A kitchen should be fuctional and suite your style

Professional Kitchen Designs and Installation.

Our experienced team can make a difference…


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